Edited by: Leora Kahn

Sundust: The Story of Arjana.

Once over lightly, Sundust is a story about a young girl who forced into joining a deadly gang that killed her family. However, the story also approaches several themes such as identity, girlhood, coming-of-age, morals times of war, and forgiveness. This story will not only be about the tragedy and loss of young children. Hopefully, it will show how to take a stand for what you believe is right, even when you are afraid.

Act 1- will concentration on Arjana’s identity, who she is, and her relationship with her younger brother, Boipelo. The lifestyle where they live – poverty and gangs.

Two YOUNG CHILDREN dragging empty buckets, walk up a long road to the lake. They arrive at the lake and fill up their buckets with water.
Crows squawk near the baobab tree by the lake. The birds land and gather around a DEAD BOY covered blood from bullet wounds. The birds devour his flesh.

Act 2 – focuses on changing identify, lifestyle, no time to grieve, friendship, girlhood to womanhood.

The militia gather the boys as they load them in the truck. Boys (old and younger). Arjana gets in the back of the truck with the other boys.
They left the village and drove off. Arjana looks at the faces of the boys in the loaded truck.

Act 3 – will be wrapped up with the truth, hero vs. villain, forgiveness, and escape.

Sound of explosive blast through the tents. The leaders wake up. They believe they are under attack. They grab their guns and head to the field. The boys run across the field, they set the place on fire.

They run through the field. The war clashes between boys and men. They shoot to kill. Boys and men are dying.

Arjana is in dream, a soft warm light wakes her up. She gently touches her face and hair. She looks down and her clothes are different. The wind blows gently. Arjana gets up from the ground. Her hair is long and braided. She stands around in the middle of a road. She hears laughter and turns around.

Sundust is a story from a girl who sacrificed her life to avenge her family. She has done things, that she is not proud of. Her journey allows us to witness her growth from choosing love over revenge.