Their Story

“My squad is my family, my gun is my provider, and protector, and my rule is to kill or be killed.”

– Ishmael Beah A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

“These boys have no idea what a child’s play is, childhood is an endangered and fleeting phase of life for everyone around here.” – Christan Ezora.”

– Ray Anayasi, Ujasiri

” So we were playing all this game then and thinking that to be a soldier was to be the best thing in the world because gun is looking so powerful and the men in movie are looking so powerful and strong when they are killing people,but I am knowing now that to be a soldier is only to be weak and not strong, and to have no food to eat and not to eat whatever you want, and also to have people making you do thing that you are not wanting to do and not to be doing whatever you are wanting which is what they are doing in movie. But I am only knowing this now because I am soldier now.”

– Uzodinma Iweala, Beast of No Nation

“Compelled to become instruments of war, to kill and be killed, child soldiers are forced to give violent expression to the hatreds of adults.”

– Olara Otunnu

“Any Child Soldier has to go through a lot of love, care and understanding to become normal.”

– Emmanuel Jal

“The saddest sight these days is the image of hundreds of thousands of children kidnapped and lured into being child soldiers form the age of eight.”

-Roger Moore